Introducing pre-built flows in Chatfuel bots

Pre-built flows are templates that you can use inside a bot. Each flow creates a number of connected blocks and responses that you can customize. With the help of the pre-built flows you can easily solve most common tasks bots are capable of. They not only simplify the process of creating a bot, but also help you understand how Chatfuel bots work and what are the best tasks to automate with the help of a bot.

Save time by automating responses to FAQs

Automate frequently asked questions

Reduce your team’s manual workload. Improve customer wait time. Automate 3-10 FAQs that contribute to 50% or more of all incoming requests to your Facebook page inbox.

Increase sales using Messenger

Collect clients’ emails & phone numbers

Build your contact list faster with less effort. Messenger makes it easy for people to share their contact details with you in one click. You can export this info to your CRM and use it in your sales and marketing process.

Qualify leads

Get higher quality leads and improve sales. The bot asks prospects qualifying questions and segments out the most valuable ones for you. From there, you can take over the conversation from the bot to close the deal or send the lead info to your CRM.

Human takeover

Improve sales in Messenger by personally chatting with high-value leads. Identify people that are stuck mid-funnel in your bot and help push them forward manually. Use this flow with the “Qualify Leads” flow for the best results.

Export Info

React to information your bot collects faster and close leads while they’re hot. Send an email to your sales rep immediately after the bot qualifies the prospect. Export contact properties to a Google Sheet to analyze and process.

How to add a pre-defined flow

To add a pre-built flow, first, log into Dashboard, then open Automate tab in one of your bots. In the right column you’ll see the buttons with components:

Introducing pre-built flows in Chatfuel bots
You can find ‘pre-build flow’ button in the ‘Add Element’ bar.