Tools that offer real-time collaboration allow their users to work alongside each other to complete tasks openly and efficiently. From Google Docs to Zoom, there are countless dynamic platforms that let teams cooperate and collaborate simultaneously. Now with Botsociety, you and your team can seamlessly design chatbots together, making it easier than ever to build a chatbot that everybody will love. Here’s how!

Finding Your Design

After you open Botsociety, track down the design that you and your team is collaborating on.

Protip: you can make multiple folders on Botsociety if you have different projects you’re working on.

Here, we selected the Real Time folder:

Then, select the appropriate design within that folder. Here, we picked a Google mockup:


Once the design is opened, we can see both ourselves and our teammates. The left box with the orange icon and clicker is a teammate’s mouse—we can see where they are moving and can guess if they are going to add or change a design selection.

Editing Your Design

After identifying a typo in our design—”HERE IS IS”—we can correct it. Upon saving this edit, it will automatically update the design on my teammate’s screen without them needing to refresh the page.

Here, we can now see our updated mockup:


And that’s it! By using Botsociety, you and your team can easily work together to create chatbots that your users will love. Want to give it a try? You can start for free today at

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