Facebook Messenger is extremely powerful and many believe it can be used for good.

Charitable organisations are always looking at ways to increase their donations to be able to better serve those in need. We have noticed this and feel there is an excellent opportunity to gain more donations through Facebook Messenger Platform. There are a few key points I want to cover off on why Messenger-based marketing and communication is the best decision when attracting new donors for your cause.

Facebook Messenger is where everyone is — 1.2 Billion people are using Facebook Messenger, and your charitable, generous donors are probably on it as well. Why not speak to the people where they are rather than through Email which has about a 15% open rate and even less of a click-through-rate whereas, Facebook Messenger Marketing has around an 80–90% open rate.

It’s a growing place to get information — People are more likely to do business with someone they have had a conversation with via messenger.

It’s 1–1 Marketing — Messenger is 1–1 Marketing; therefore, it is more engaging and personal; you can mimic the flow of a real conversation and serve them with minimal human input and admin.

Donation payments can be made directly from the app or through the website.

As you can see, there are several positive reasons to explore Facebook Messenger as a method for collecting charitable donations from their audience. We have looked at a couple of ways to do so:

Facebook Comment Growth Tool: The comment growth tool allows people to comment on a post that is made by your organisation; it then automatically sends an opt-in message and subscribes the user to a flow. From here, they will be prompted to either donate using the app or be directed to a secure payment facility within your businesses website. In turn, actions can be performed to generate a receipt for tax purposes.

Send Message Button: Through the use of the ‘Send Message’ button on the page, a donor would be prompted with a menu where they can select donate. From here, they would be taken through the same steps to choose a donation method.

All in all, this is a cost-effective way of adding additional donations to your charity through the use of a platform which is already being used to communicate to people.