Facebook Messenger Chatbot for the Recruitment Industry

One resource that HR managers often feel they never have enough of is time. Companies can easily receive hundreds of applications when they post a job. Sorting through them all to figure out which applicants are qualified and may be the right fit can be an extremely tedious and time-consuming task. That’s why any tool that can save significant time in the recruiting process would be a welcome addition to any HR manager’s arsenal.

If you’re interested in a way to save hours of time normally spent pre-screening candidates and answering the same questions over and over, we’ve got the solution for you! Facebook Messenger chatbots have the power to completely revolutionize and streamline your company’s recruitment process. We’ve collected our best tips and case studies on recruitment bots for Messenger so you can harness their power for your HR team or agency.

Types of businesses that can benefit from an HR Messenger bot

A Messenger bot can be highly impactful for any type of business that ever hires new employees, regardless of size, type, or industry. If you handle human resources for a large company or multiple clients, for example, your main struggle is likely the sheer, overwhelming volume of applicants. Not only can a bot help you sort through them quickly and efficiently, but its ease of use for applicants can help you stand out in the highly competitive recruitment market.

If you work for a smaller company, you may not even have an HR manager. Having a bot to help with the recruitment process will allow you to return your attention to the many other tasks you have on your plate.

Whether you hire specialists or generalists, in-house, outsourced, or remote employees, professionals in the creative sphere or a technical one, you still face the same basic challenge. Finding enough time and energy to sort through so many applicants and find the winners is the hard part of recruitment for every business. A bot can be instrumental in filling the gaps! Not only can it help you attract the right people, but it can help screen and convert them, too.

How a chatbot can streamline your HR processes

There are all kinds of chatbot functions that can positively impact the way your company handles recruitment. Not only can bots automate top-of-funnel recruiting tasks, but they can also speed up time to hire and improve the applicant experience. HR chatbots can:

  • Collect information from candidates. It’s easy to equip your bot to accept contact information and a resume from those who apply to an open position. All this data will populate in your People tab in Chatfuel, which you can learn more about in the Segmentation section below.
  • Ask screening questions.Your bot can ask applicants any number of qualifying questions, such as those related to experience, skills, or location.
  • Rank candidates. Once your chatbot gathers all this data from candidates, it’s easy to then sort or rank them based on their responses. You can do so according to qualifications, engagement, recent activity, etc.
  • Answer FAQs 24/7.Gone are the days when HR managers have to spend endless hours answering the same questions about a job and the application process over and over. Providing responses to FAQs is a function bots do very well—and they’re available to assist users 24/7.
  • Schedule interviews. Your bot can do all the work right up to the candidate’s in-person interview—including scheduling the meeting! It’s easy to set your bot up to allow clients to schedule appointments with you.

An example of how your HR bot can talk to the user

How to build a bot for recruitment

Here’s the best news for busy HR professionals: Building a recruitment chatbot doesn’t require special skills or training. We’ve got plenty of resources to help get you up and running on our free, bot-building platform! Start with our intro video, or browse our helpful how-to articles. You can even find a pre-built template on our site to get you started. If you get stuck, Chatfuel also offers an active Facebook community as well as a robust support team.

Once you’ve designed the framework of your bot, there are two especially helpful Chatfuel features to focus on:

  1. Segmentation. Chatfuel allows you to easily segment the users that interact with your bot, which you’ll want to take advantage of. All data your bot gathers about applicants is stored in Chatfuel’s People tab, which works like a mini CRM system. From there, you can export the collected data to a spreadsheet. You can then analyze it to get a better idea of trends among your candidates, like location, qualifications, etc. Furthermore, if you then save that data to User Attributes, you can use it to send Broadcast messages, improve your bot’s question flows, or analyze user activity.
  2. Sequencing. Since your bot has all the user input stored, it’s easy for you to sort, filter, and narrow down your pool of candidates. For example, you could set up your chatbot to send a message to all applicants who lack X qualification or don’t live in the required city, kindly informing them that they don’t meet the job requirements. This feature ensures that every single person who applied will receive an answer from your company without you having to spend the time to send out individual messages. It increases efficiency and builds a positive reputation for your company with applicants!

Facebook Messenger Chatbot for the Recruitment Industry
Use Chatfuel to easily segment users who apply for a job via your chatbot. Save them to User Attributes so you can then sort and analyze them in other ways

Tips for optimizing your recruitment chatbot

Follow these best practices to maximize the efficiency of your HR bot:

  • Get creative.Your recruitment bot will form the first impression of your company for applicants. Design it for the type of applicant you want to attract, and ensure your bot will also represent the company culture and make you stand out from other employers. Give it a name and persona and make it friendly! You can also include pictures, gifs, emojis, and a bit of humor if appropriate to create a more engaging and welcoming experience.

Facebook Messenger Chatbot for the Recruitment Industry

  • Provide tailored experiences for different applicant types. Maybe entry-level applicants have an extra task to do before making it to the interview process. Or perhaps senior-level applicants get a direct invitation to call and interview sooner. Make sure that you build your bot to accommodate applicants of however many different levels you’ll be expecting.
  • Include all common FAQs. Take note of the questions applicants most commonly ask in your current recruitment process, and make sure to equip your bot with answers to those. Include as much helpful information as possible for candidates, including the office address, notes on team culture, the work schedule, details about perks and benefits, salary information, etc.
  • Be ready to step in. Depending on your company or number of clients, you may want to consider offering a window of time each day when there’s a human HR agent available as well. The agent can answer unique or specialized questions, or step in to help the bot if it gets stuck with an inquiry it’s not equipped for.
  • Connect your bot to Facebook ads. Simply put, Facebook ads that lead to a well-designed bot rather than a static landing page are shown to perform better. Find out how to integrate the two with Chatfuel. Plus, remember that your HR bot is only effective if it has users, so it’s important to continue promoting your company’s open positions even once your bot is built and active.
  • Consider other uses. Although chatbots are very effective for the recruitment functions we’ve already discussed, their uses don’t end there. You could also use them to help with onboarding, training, and employee retention. Set them up with FAQs about the employee handbook, or team- or company-wide alerts and reminders about things like holidays and meetings.

HR bot success stories from Chatfuel clients

Looking for inspiration for your HR bot? There are plenty of Chatfuel client success stories to choose from! One of our favorites is an agency, who used Chatfuel to build a recruitment bot for their client. The bot is geared towards users looking for truck driving jobs in the US. It allows them to get answers to FAQs about openings and the application process, and to search available positions more quickly.

“We set this up for recruiters so they don’t have to waste time. They can streamline to the top leads faster,” says the Social Media Advertising Manager of the agency.

Facebook Messenger Chatbot for the Recruitment Industry
A glimpse into the help and support functions of the recruitment bot 

The agency connected the bot to a Facebook ad campaign, and the results were explosive. As you can see in the screenshot below, the bot allowed them to assist thousands of candidates and save hundreds of hours in the recruitment process overall.

Facebook Messenger Chatbot for the Recruitment Industry
The agency built an incredibly successful bot. The proof is in the numbers!

Looking for even more inspiration? Chat with the HR bots other Chatfuel clients have created, like Rosa Recruits and Neh Thit.

Streamline your recruitment process with a Messenger bot

Building a human resources bot isn’t as intimidating a task as you might imagine. When you build your bot with our free platform, you don’t need a credit card or any specialized tech knowledge to get started. Use Chatfuel to build your own HR chatbot today!