Add a Facebook Messenger Chatbot to Your Website

The benefits of a Facebook Messenger bot for business have been proven, from multiplying revenue to drastically cutting costs. Now, Chatfuel’s latest plugin allows you to bring the power of this tool right to your homepage with the Facebook Messenger site integration.

This new functionality combines the best of a traditional live website chat with all the features of a Facebook Messenger bot. As with the traditional chat, a window will appear on your website offering help and answers to common questions in a conversational, Q&A style. Its direct connection to Facebook, however, also brings the robust functionalities and familiar interface of a Messenger bot to the website visitor.

Add a Facebook Messenger Chatbot to Your Website
Traditional chat plugins versus Messenger chat plugin

How it works

  1. Once you’ve created your bot in Chatfuel, you’ll be able to directly embed the bot to your website. All of the features and responses you’ve built into it will now be available on your site.
  2. Visitors to your website will now see a small chat window appear with your opening message, inviting them to engage.
  3. If the user is already signed into their Facebook account in that browser, any chat history they have with your bot will automatically be loaded. If not, it will prompt them to log in.
  4. The user will then be able to interact with the bot for your site under their own Facebook profile. They’ll enjoy the same user experience they’d get with your bot in Messenger without having to leave your site.
  5. If they do leave the site, the conversation can seamlessly continue later via or the Messenger app, where all the user’s interactions with the website bot will be stored.

Who can benefit from a Facebook chat website integration

In a world where users have come to expect personalized answers to their specific questions almost instantly, a static site is no longer enough. A Chatfuel website visitor bot will add the immediate, customized service experience your bot already provides in Messenger directly to the homepage of your site.

Brands that have already added chat to their website in the traditional form can benefit from this new plugin, too. Bringing the recognizable, efficient style of your Chatfuel Messenger bot to your site creates a unified experience that your customers will recognize as innovative and streamlined.

Advantages over traditional website chat

Both website chat options allow a customer to get more information about a brand, but our Facebook chat site integration has several additional advantages that a traditional chat just isn’t equipped to provide:

  • Lead information: The only user details a traditional website chat gets are what the user manually enters. On the other hand, once the Facebook chatbot on your website has exchanged messages with a user, you already have a way to contact them at any point in the future: via Messenger.
  • Seamless conversations: A traditional chat starts from scratch every time, even if the same user visits your site twice. With a site visitor bot, the conversation always has context. Previous messages you’ve exchanged with a user will appear, and the chat can continue via or the Messenger app even after they’ve left the site.
  • Improved user experience: Users will recognize the familiar interface of Messenger, and they’ll be able to enjoy that same rich media experience they’re accustomed to.  
  • Functionality options: As with your bot in Messenger, you have the option to handle users manually or automatically. An AI chatbot for your website will have the same functionalities as your Chatfuel bot in Messenger, like the option to set up a drip campaign to keep users engaged after the first conversation.
Lead information is automatically available for future contact No Yes
Context is provided by loading previous chats between your bot and the user No Yes
Conversation can continue once users leave your site No Yes
Familiar interface that website visitors will recognize No Yes
Ability to share images and other rich media No Yes
Integration of all functionalities that already exist in the Chatfuel bot you’ve built for Messenger No Yes

Curious to see a website chatbot in action?

Here’s where you can check Messenger chat plugin in action:

  1. – Spendee, personal finance app
  2. – e-OUTDOOR, UK clothing and gear shop
  3. – DokiWatch, kids smartwatch

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